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Science proves TRIOLOGY™ promotes healing by
killing bacteria without elimination of healing cells

Advanced Oral Biology for Advanced Oral Care™


What is TRIOLOGY™?

The TRIOLOGY™ advanced oral cleansing system is a complete line of oral care products specially designed to provide superior cleansing, eliminate harmful bacteria, and balance pH in the mouth. In addition to promoting improved oral health, the patented TRIOLOGY™ formula inhibits the growth of microbes that have been proven to be implicated in the oral-systemic connection.

TRIOLOGY™ is the only professional oral care product made with Tritiserum™, a balanced combination of biologic ingredients formulated to integrate with saliva. As a result, TRIOLOGY™ advanced oral care products are able to penetrate deeper and continue working even during dental procedures such as debridement, extractions, scaling, and root planing. Its oxygenating biologic foaming debridement action cleans better than any water or chemical-based products.

Field tests by our dental advisory board have shown a marked reduction in secondary infections and irritation following dental procedures when TRIOLOGY™ products are used before and/or during procedures. TRIOLOGY™ advanced oral care products are also safe for long-term use and do not pose the same health risks as chemical-based products such as chlorhexidine gluconate.

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