Advanced Oral Biology for Advanced Oral Care™

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TRIOLOGY™ Professional Cleansing & Care™
Debriding Treatment Pens

Powered by Tritiserum™

TRIOLOGY™ patent-pending Debriding Treatment Pens deliver advanced microfoaming cleansing that successfully integrates with saliva and crevicular fluids for superior removal of bacteria, fungi, debris and irritants. This cleansing, coupled with a balancing of the pH, increases the potential for healing while reducing pain and inflammation.

At-home therapy

  • For daily use weeks or months prior to scheduled dental procedures: Prevent or reduce bacteria, infection and inflammation prior to extractions, surgeries, etc.
  • For daily use following dental procedures or examinations: Use as an antiseptic oral wound cleanser and debridement agent for wounds or gum inflammation.
  • For daily use for mouth sores, dentures, orthodontic appliances, infection, or other oral irritations: Apply several times daily as needed.
  • For use to reduce halitosis or symptoms associated with metallic taste disorders: Apply several times daily as needed.

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