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Science proves TRIOLOGY™ promotes healing by
killing bacteria without elimination of healing cells

Advanced Oral Biology for Advanced Oral Care™


Patient reviews

Having spent most of my career in health care, I have many times witnessed the challenges hospitals face in controlling oral health care issues that develop in critically ill patients. I recently witnessed this firsthand with my own critically ill father who experienced an extended stay in ICU and long-term acute care. The standard operating procedures for both institutions included extensive use of a Chlorhexidine Gluconate (oral rinse) solution that was clearly not improving his deteriorating oral health condition. We introduced TRIOLOGY’s mouth rinse to the ICU and his condition improved within 24 hours. After several days, the facility ran out of the TRIOLOGY product and returned to CG full-time, at which point his poor oral health returned. As soon as an additional supply was secured, his oral health returned. The product offers tremendous health benefits.

Frank Kruse
Vice President, Bioscience & Technology Business Center
KU Medical Center

After using your rinse, my sore throat and horrible breath were alleviated considerably, and my dry mouth was almost knocked out entirely.

David F., chronic sinusitis sufferer

I recently had my quarterly check up and teeth cleaning. For years, my dentist has been monitoring a deterioration of my gums and had discussed with me the probability of having to have surgery to save a tooth. Many of my gum measurements had gone from healthy to unhealthy. A few months ago, I began using the TRIOLOGY™ mouth rinse, which had been recommended to me by a relative. At first I found it strange. It was green and thicker than regular mouthwash. But I liked the mint flavor and, in a short time, even the texture. But what I really liked was the improved gum readings by the dentist. They all improved dramatically in only a few months. I don't know how TRIOLOGY™ does it, but I'm sold.

David W.

When I first got my TRIOLOGY™ products my teeth were sensitive. After two days, no more sensitivity. These products are the most wonderful products I have ever used on my teeth. My dentist was shocked that I have no plaque anymore. It makes my teeth feel like every day I just came from a dentist cleaning. I have been traveling to 3rd world countries and I know how devastating bad oral health can be to populations. I believe TRIOLOGY™ products to be life and quality of life extending. May God bless your company.

Jeff Miller